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Message from Dr. Dicker

Welcome to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Wraparound Project. We are a hospital-based violence prevention program determined to close the revolving door of violent injury. Nationally, 35-50% of victims of violence are reinjured. The Wraparound Project's focus is to reduce injury recidivism by addressing the root causes and risk factors that lead to violent injury.

The epidemic of violence is pervasive in our most vulnerable communities here in our own city and nationally. The frank disparity in the rate of violent injury amongst African Americans and Latino populations is striking and addressing it necessitates a culturally competent approach that creates a seamlessness amongst our clients, Case Managers and our community partners.

Just as someone who has had a cardiac event often experiences a determination to make changes in order to secure better future health, our injured youth and young adults are looking for ways to reduce risk for future injury. This "teachable moment" is answered by our extraordinary Case Managers. Our clients enter a trusting, understanding partnership that starts in the hospital and continues for months forward.

We are grateful for the tremendous efforts of our community partners, our hospital administration, particularly Gene O'Connell, the Department of Surgery and the San Francisco Injury Center. In addition, we want to thank the City of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Community Investment and most importantly, the people of San Francisco for believing in our vision.