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Program Expansion

After years of development, implementation and evaluation, we have a successful hospital-based violence prevention program, the San Francisco Wraparound Project.  Disseminating this program would have a profound effect on the burden of violent injury.

In May, 2009 a program modeled after the Wraparound Project began in Indianapolis, Indiana in the IU/Wishard Level 1 Trauma Center. This program, entitled, "Prescription for Hope" uses education and support to address violence-related injuries.

In early 2010, UC Davis Trauma Service began the Wraparound Program directed by Dr. Christine Cocanour with funding from the San Francisco Injury Center. A case manager has been hired and a community consortium has been formed to support the program. Clients are now being enrolled.

In the future, we plan to investigate dissemination and implementation of the Wraparound Project, utilizing the template of a validated fidelity instrument, at the two additional sites. In particular, our UC Davis site will be undergoing a comprehensive interim analysis over the next year.

This year the Wraparound Project teamed up with the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs(NNHVIP) to create a National Database to measure outcomes in violence prevention. The NNHVIP is a collaborative group with common goal of supporting violence prevention efforts in numerous trauma centers across the United States. The ultimate goal is reduction of violent injury and injury recidivism. 

Through working groups, meetings, monthly e-bulletins and online communication forums, Network members collaborate in research and evaluation, explore opportunities for funding sustainability, develop and share best practices, and identify ways to collectively have an impact on policy. Network members – including trauma surgeons, program directors, researchers, medical directors, and others on the front lines – share their experiences, data and perspectives and create strategies for effective responses to violence. 

Member Programs:

At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) (Denver, CO)

Bridging the Gap (Richmond, VA)

Camden GPS (Camden, NJ)

Caught in the Crossfire (Oakland, CA)*

Caught in the Crossfire (Los Angeles, CA)

CureViolence (Formerly CeaseFire) (Chicago, IL)*

Healing Hurt People (Philadelphia, PA)*

Journey Before Destination (Washington, DC)

Massachusetts Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (Boston, MA)*

Prescription for Hope (Indianapolis, IN)

Project Ujima (Milwaukee, WI)*

Rochester Youth Violence Parntership (Rochester, NY)

Sacramento Violence Intervention Program (Sacramento, CA)

UC Davis Wraparound (Sacramento, CA)

UMC Trauma Services VIP (Las Vegas, NV)

Violence Intervention Program (Baltimore, MD)*

Violence Intervention Program (Savannah, GA)

Violence Recovery Program (Boston, MA)

Wraparound Project (San Francisco, CA)*

*Founding Member


Allied Programs:

Beyond Violence, Richmond, CA

Out of the Crossfire, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

Within Our Reach (Chicago, IL)

UC Davis Wraparound, Davis, CA