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About the Advocacy Center

An offshoot of our Wraparound Project, the Advocacy Center, operates with the goal of creating social capital within individuals and communities affected by violence. Social Capital is defined as features of social structure; such as trust, norms and networks that facilitate collective action for mutual benefit. Investing in social capital, by fostering life skills, confidence, empowerment, and a sense of advocacy for one's community has gained popularity as a strategy to improve population health.

The Advocacy Center resources are open for all Wraparound participants. The Center has a broad selection of enrichment materials germane to the development of artistic skills, writing skills and advocacy, and computer skills as well as access to educational resources. Seminars, informal discussions and workshops also take place in this safe space and are available to all violently injured participants.

For those youth who have not yet graduated, earned their GED, or who wish to enroll in college classes, computers and other general supplies are available for work on school-related projects. We also have numerous college volunteers who provide tutoring and educational guidance for any client who is in school or wishes to complete school. In addition to these basic resources, we provide students of the Advocacy Center a series of "electives". 

The Wraparound Project would like to thank AT&T for funding the Advocacy Center.