Advocacy Center Electives

Environmental Issues and Appreciation
Discussion of current events and documentaries

(Choose 3 Activities)

  • Plan an urban garden
  • Beach cleanup
  • Volunteer at marine mammal center
  • Visit Muir Woods and spend 1/2 day with a Park Ranger
  • Visit California Academy of Sciences
Community Advocacy
Discussion of social issues within one's community, documentaries of culture (with a partnership with Debra Koffler at Conscious Youth Media Center

(Choice of Activity)

  • Healing Circles
  • Solution forums
  • Media advocacy
  • Write to a city supervisor or congressperson
  • Write an editorial

(Mandatory Activity)

  • One activity in tandem with co-participant for community activism
Train Future Trainers
Workshops in Case Management, anger management, social services

(Choice of Activity)

  • Co-mentor a new client of Wraparound
  • Give a lecture/role play in a high-risk middle school

 (Mandatory Activity)

  • Mentor first offenders in the juvenile justice department that come to Wraparound per a judge's mandate the third Wednesday of each month
Positive Artistic Creations
Create positive artistic work in a variety of mediums

(Choose 3 Activities)

  • Development of computer skills
  • Development of photography skills
  • Create a music video or recording
Vocational Training
For those who have graduated high school or earned their GED, and who wish to gain employment 
  • Resume workshops
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview training
  • Get interview apparel
  • Online application support
  • Connection to job training centers in the San Francisco area
Role Model Shadow Experience
Shadow a role model in the medical, educational, media, legal, automotive, or environmental field


  • Film makers
  • Case managers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • School teachers
  • Someone in the media
  • Someone in legal work
  • Someone in the automotive industry
  • Someone in environmental work
Visit City Hall
Visit City Hall to meet a city representative and get involved with voting

(Meet with)

  • Someone from the Mayoral Task Force, or
  • A City Supervisor


  • Register to vote and/or
  • Encourage members of the community to register to vote
  • Discuss Ballot issues