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Ruben Marquez

Ruben Marquez

Social Work Associate
Community Liaison

Contact Information

Office: 415-206-8771
Fax: 415-206-6932
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Ruben Marquez joined the Wraparound Project in July 2009 and boasts over 20 years working as a community activist and youth advocate in San Francisco. Beginning with health education at Precita Valley Community Center, Ruben recognized the importance of youth education and relationship building in school and community based organizational settings. In 2000, as Director of the Community Peace Initiative, Ruben designed and supported programs emphasizing young adult development, including writing and athletics within alternative educational programming. Moreover, he has engaged directly in the prevention and intervention of street violence in the CALLES late night Outreach program. In 2008, Ruben worked through the Mission Beacon in collaboration with the Crises Response team to develop action plans for building a circle of support encompassing community, mental health services and family counseling, to support individuals at risk of falling victim to the criminal justice system.  
Since becoming a key part of the Wraparound family, Ruben has become a member of the National Network of Hospital Based Violence Intervention Programs, allowing him to conduct trainings of the Wraparound model of violence prevention strategies on a national forum. Locally, Ruben is a member of the Street Violence Response Team and meets with SF city officials and community partners to reduce violence in the our community. Ruben has also actively advocated for individuals before SF courts and the SF Unified School District.

Ruben's experience in service to the community spans across a multitude of settings, and over differing geographic and social platforms, but always with the same focus and dedication to empowering victims at the teachable moment - the crux of the Wraparound Project.  

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